November 2017 | 8th Issue
Registration Details & Congress Highlights
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Advance & On-Site Registration
APVRS 2017 Opening Ceremony & Special Lectures
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    Advance & On-Site Registration
Advance & On-Site

Advance registration rates for the 11th Asia-Pacific Vitreo-retina Society (APVRS) Congress in Kuala Lumpur will end on Friday, November 24, 2017, at 11:59 pm (GMT+8). After that, standard registration rates will apply, with online registration remaining open until the Congress begins.

Additionally, the registration desk at APVRS 2017 will be open at the following times for on-site registration:



12.7.2017 (Thu)

15:00 – 18:00

12.8.2017 (Fri)

07:30 – 18:00

12.9.2017 (Sat)

07:30 – 18:00

12.10.2017 (Sun)

07:30 – 16:30

All delegates should visit the registration desk upon arrival at the Congress in order to collect their name badges. Delegate bags and ribbons will be available for pickup at a nearby counter.

    APVRS 2017 Opening Ceremony & Special Lectures

The Opening Ceremony of the 11th APVRS Congress is scheduled for 10:00 am on Friday, December 8. In addition to a special performance and speeches from honored guests, the ceremony will feature the presentation of the 2017 APVRS Tano Lecture.

Three additional named lectures will be presented at the 11th APVRS Congress. A special lecture symposium featuring the Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology (MSO) Keshmahinder Singh Lecture and the inaugural APVRS International Award Lecture is scheduled for 10:00 am on Day 2 of the 11th APVRS Congress.

Additionally, the APVRS Constable Lecture, established in 2016 in honor of former APVRS President Ian Constable, will begin at 10:00 am on Sunday, December 10. It will be followed by a special presentation of the APVRS Practice Trends Survey Report.

    Scientific Program Highlights

Attend this session to discover the recent updates in age-related macular degeneration (AMD), from the latest in epidemiological and genetic studies to the current advances in investigational and monitoring tools. In addition, we will also be exploring the exciting developments of new pharmaceuticals and therapeutic targets as well as gene and stem cell therapy for the treatment of AMD.


Many would assume that the technology in retinal surgery is nearing its peak. However, recent advances in technology, research, and “out of the box” approaches have reached a new zenith in the field of surgical retina. Thus, leading the pack in this new era of possibilities are our distinguished panel of speakers in this symposium on advances in vitreo-retinal surgery.


    APVRS Congress App

The APVRS Congress app for smartphones is easy to use and interactive in order to enhance your Congress experience. The app features up-to-date details of the scientific sessions and masterclasses, posters, e-posters and video abstracts, as well as general information, a floor plan and a city map of Kuala Lumpur.

Download the app now by scanning the appropriate QR code below! Please remember to update the app regularly to ensure ideal performance.

    Mamak Stalls in Malaysia

To find some of the best local comfort food in Kuala Lumpur and around Malaysia, head to a mamak stall. These down-to-earth restaurants offer affordable fare in a relaxed environment, which often comprises an outdoor patio or street-side location.

Popular dishes available at a mamak stall include roti canai (Indian flatbread often served with lentils or curry), nasi lemak (coconut rice served with various side dishes) and mie goreng (stir-fried yellow noodles).

Order yourself a popular Malaysian brew using the handy cheat sheet below:




Tea with sweetened condensed milk and sugar


Tea with sugar but no milk

Teh-O Ais

Iced teh-o

Teh-O Kosong

Plain tea without milk or sugar

If you prefer coffee instead of tea, just replace “teh” with “kopi” in the examples above.

    Malaysia Travel Tips

As you prepare for the 11th APVRS Congress in Kuala Lumpur, here are a few important items to note about traveling to Malaysia.


The electrical current in Malaysia is 220–240 volts AC at 50 cycles per second. Standard UK-type 3-pin plugs are used.


Bahasa Malay is the national language. English is widely understood in Malaysia, particularly in the larger cities.

Time Zone

Kuala Lumpur operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 8 hours, which is the same as various other Asia-Pacific nations including Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore.


Malaysia’s year-round tropical weather includes sunny days with occasional rainfall. The average temperature ranges from 22°C to 32°C. Although most indoor areas are air-conditioned, lightweight clothing is advised for sight-seeing and other outdoor activities.



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